The Manors - AMENITIES

The Manors is really blessed with so much goodness because a part from the abundance of nature’s natural goodness for the entire community, Filinvest equally showered the place with a generous set of world class recreation facilities and amenities, including best residential features. 

The entire community is secured with a 24-hour security system. Entrances and exits are fully monitored, the entire premises are randomly checked round the clock and the perimeter have fence walls to enhance the exclusivity of the place. 

The Manors is situated on top of the hills of San Antonio in Santa Rosa, by gravity, water supply – due to gravitational influence - is expected to be a bit reduced compared to other places. To ensure that everyone has a good supply of water, The Manors decided to have a centralized supply. This way, no one gets less supply than the others. Everyone will have an equal chance to enjoy an ample water supply. 

All residential units have pre-provisioned phone lines for an easier connection. And to those who will be getting 3rd party subscriptions, they will be receiving a Manila phone number (that means with an area code of 02). 

The year round cool weather, because of the elevation of the community, and the magnificent view of Laguna de Bay are perfect add-ons to your stay here. Everything you see from up here is a sure treat that will not just fill your eyes but refresh your mind and recharge your soul. 

Right at the center of this heart-warming, beautifully created residential community is a clubhouse ready to provide resident’s needs for private gatherings. Occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, christening, reunion, to name a few, the club house is a beautiful and safe place for families and the community to utilize. 

The Swimming Pool right by the club house is not just a beautiful place to swim, it is also an absolute family bonding place, especially on weekends when children have no classes. This is also a perfect place to socialize, make friends and get to know some neighbors. 

Picnic Parks are just so perfect for outdoor camps by families, friends and even by neighbors especially on weekends. Here, everyone has unlimited time and place to commune with nature as they celebrate togetherness. 

Basketball and Tennis courts are perfect places for sports enthusiasts to enjoy. With these provisions, residents don’t have to stay late outside playing these favorite sports because right within the safe grounds of The Manors, they can enjoy their games anytime.

  • Community Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Picnic Parks
  • Basketball and Tennis courts
  • Barbeque Park
  • Breathtaking views of Laguna de Bay
  • 76 meters above sea level
  • Year-round cool
  • Centralized water distribution
  • 24-hour security
  • Phone lines with Manila area code
  • Rolling Terrain
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